Customers line up to worry about? Visual settlement platform to help you

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Believe that each one had go to the supermarket to buy vegetables have a painful experience: after choosing the fruits and vegetables such as fresh goods, want to find a ring in the supermarket looking for where is the play said, find the basic to row again after a long dragon, one thousand middle want to increase to buy what thing, again from the last row. 。 。 。 。 。 It is on the one hand, on the other side, the said supermarkets that quite skilled employees, in order to cope with this endless 'long', and for a variety of fresh, name is not wrong, heavy workload of the day. Worry there is a scene: fruit store, like in guangdong in particular, it has a large fruit, go to work during the day time traffic was small and it doesn't matter, to and from work in the evening, the rush, the basic of people in the fruit shop is a 'full', sales staff not three men are busy. The problem comes, when busy need three employees, a clerk more than enough to spare time, how to solve? Also listed a cut the hands of the scene: electric business platform chop hand is very great, lying down, sideways, sitting, standing, brah, but take the express, hum, you know, logistics point after the busy absolutely perfect summary: you can use a word in a mess! Can't find the parcel or to find workers, either you get lost in the boundless huge crowd. 。 。 。 。 Also, in the dining hall or customize a restaurant, the queue. 。 。 。 。 Don't understand why want to let people standing in line, so hungry you restaurant also let customers standing in line, or at least have to match a wheelchair, ha ha. The author randomly in the baidu search: one lifetime spent on queuing time how many, baidu able to keep a secret didn't tell me, to estimate yearly plan, too casually, it does not include hospital waiting queue length, north of guangzhou, license plate lottery. Ok, if there is such a smart devices: customers choose their good fresh, put on the said machine a, name, unit price, quantity, total price all came out, and prompts you to brush a face/code to pay, then print out the slip, can finish the whole process of purchase, isn't it great? If you buy the food to take delivery, by the way, according to the information to find your baby's position to express, on visual and face than to cancel after verification, and then you can leave, isn't it easy? If you to customize the restaurant or canteen don't have to queue, you save a lot of time? This product is coming now! Has been committed to intelligent self-service product research and development and production of science and technology, joint domestic large visual recognition algorithm, the IT group developed a visual and settlement stage product, is on the market! The products not only apply to fresh product sales, such as supermarkets, fruit shop, markets, also applies to customize restaurant/dining room, and express their scenes. Not only can save a lot of customers queuing time, save manpower cost and operating cost for merchants. Please open on a journey with the cooperation of science and technology!
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