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Do you know that there are two modes of ID card collection machine?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
With the construction of smart government affairs, ID card collection machines have appeared. This self-service method of obtaining ID cards has also been favored by many citizens during the development process. We all know that when we used to get ID cards, some of them were taken by themselves, and some were Entrust others to collect it on your behalf, and now, the ID card collection machine is also divided into these two modes, let us both take a look! The ID card issuance machine can support two modes of direct card collection and other people's behalf. The operation will be easier when the person directly collects it. Certificate holders can use their original old ID card to receive it, or they can directly swipe the fingerprints or face and other information collected when applying for the certificate. It can be completed in a few steps, making it faster to obtain the certificate. Picture: ID card collection machine When someone else collects the ID card on behalf of the person, you need to provide the corresponding information at the window in advance to prove that you have been entrusted by the ID card, and then you can swipe your ID card to get it. After that, you only need to take a photo to save the face information. The use of the ID card collecting machine to obtain the ID card is more convenient and safer, and it can also be collected 24 hours a day. It has become a popular way of obtaining ID cards.
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