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Don't have to the cashier, customer self-service code payment can 'take' product

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Supermarket is a magical place, no matter when, should be queued patiently, let alone the holidays, the authors every time they go to the supermarket shopping, see a checkout, long queues invoicing, sometimes look at slowly sweep yards cashier, the cashier will somehow feel tired heart, but now have a self-service register, you don't need a cashier check anymore, but rather in self-service checkout, sweep through self-service register self-help commodity code, payment, don't have to go to a supermarket half settlement is complete. What is the specific, the author in our party, self-service register, for example, to introduce his works. Self-service register compared with conventional cash register, no one cashier is only a machine, don't need all the shop assistant operation ( Unless the error) 。 Can let people annoyances queuing, improve customer shopping experience of cashier. On the device self-service register consists of host ( Including operation screen, scanning, reading card, print receipts) And demagnetization. Customers will choose finished goods, before the cash register scanning area on each scan, a cash register at the same time automatic entry goods; Scan entry after completion of the goods checked mobile payment can be made, the final finish shopping customer pick up goods and receipts. cashier to help customers achieve rapid self service shopping, users can independently complete the entire shopping process of cashier, Including scanning, bags, payment) , at the same time, businesses can effectively control the human cost. Technology of driver is driving the consumption upgrade, cashier, consumption data connection is of great value. Then there will be new technology, new experience, new pattern appeared in the new retail, will continue to output a self-help cashier solution, continuously improve efficiency of cashier, let consumers have a better user experience. On the system for merchants to provide more convenient and powerful stores management and marketing ability.
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