E-government kiosks advantage?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Since 19 large, government departments to further deepen and decentralization, optimize the quality of service. And in order to better serve the masses of the people, some places have already started to gradually introduce e-government kiosks to replace human service, a move that greatly simplifies the business transaction process before, has realized information run more, let the people less running errands. Today, the information will give you count kiosks characteristics and advantages. , 1, reasonable planning, solve the queuing problem in e-government kiosks to handle business has two advantages, one is the machine processing related business information much faster than artificial, saves the time of business to deal with the masses. Second is government service terminal can be based on the current situation is dealt with and the number of each business is dealt with reasonable arrangement, give the reasonable order of the masses to handle business, saves the queuing time of the masses. Eliminate 2, the interface is reasonable, the operation difficulties of e-government service terminal interface using demand oriented design concept, can intuitively reflect the business to handle the demand, even for the first time contact terminal business to handle, government services can also prompt of the system and staff assisted quickly completed 3, business concentration, shortening the distance between running errands e-government kiosks to multiple Windows business merged into one place in the past, save the people on the move when dealing with business time. Citizens by the second generation id card for authentication, can choose their own need to deal with the business, and then, step by step, according to the prompt to disclose the information system will deal with the application background. To handle after the success, the system will automatically generate slip, water number and other relevant information, can be completed most of the business is dealt with on the spot. Failed to deal with a successful business on the spot, its result by SMS or WeChat public number automatically pushed to the mobile terminal, so that subsequent upload information. 4, timely feedback, improve the quality of service the masses through government affairs kiosks to deal with the business at the same time, can through the machine in a timely manner to evaluate the quality of service, effectively increase the government departments and the communication of the masses. Advances in technology, under the situation of government services constantly optimize, around the kiosks application will become e-government service inevitable choice. If you have demand on government affairs kiosks, please refer to the information.
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