Electronic menu how to make

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Now go out shopping, you see there are so many electronic menu, the propaganda of all sorts of goods is full of beautiful things in eyes, opened my eyes. In milk tea shop can see the menu price and the introduction of a variety of products, very convenient. In some restaurants can also be seen in the electronic menu items, but also all kinds of new products and recommend. Electronic menu application very much, but you know how to make the electronic menu is? Let the author introduce everyone to today. Electronic menu mainly by high-definition LCD and motherboard, CPU chip. Now electronic menu can be divided into 2 models, one is stand-alone mode, the other is a network model. Stand-alone mode of electronic menu is mainly used in a number of products and promote little change of scene, you just need to make good corresponding propaganda, operated by U disk can be completed. And network mode can through the background management terminal, can use a computer and other equipment to set up the terminal, can be more convenient and fast to complete the corresponding propaganda. At the same time, the advantage of network mode still reflected in only need one device can be completed many sets of the operation of the terminal, do not need like a stand-alone mode, need a lot of manpower to operate. The production of electronic menu looks be like simple, but in the electronic menu such frivolous propaganda tool of embedded network module, bluetooth module and so on a variety of other features, is also very test the manufacturer's technology level. Also can be seen in the numerous propaganda tool of the catering industry, electronic somewhere you, station to station display and the electronic menu that will slowly promotion application in the industry.
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