Eleven will come, the immigration kiosks help you swim the world!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
In September, the students also began school, a lot of people would have thought that as soon as I get to September 11 of the small long vacation, looking at the students put a comfortable summer vacation, finally also to our small long vacation, a lot of friends are already thinking of where to play, is swim around, or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or to go abroad. Domestic travel for a lot of friend afraid afraid, high-speed you be shaking, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and abroad has become a target of choice for many people, but also worried that when a frontier defense line, is really very tired, information according to this situation, kiosks, developed a frontier inspection station, help you ten a small long vacation, travel the world! So the immigration kiosks, how to use it? The following information to explain to you! 1: read the papers of your certificates of light on the card reader reads area ( Generally above has the tooltip) , after successfully read documents information, screen shows 'are query exit and entry record for you. 2: print proof when you exit and entry record shows in self-service terminals on the screen, you only need to click on 'print'. 3: take certificate when you select the 'print', probably for a few seconds the proof print it out, then you will just below the terminal printed paper vouchers can be removed. A printed slip above generally includes passenger name, id number, type, date, port of entry and exit, part of the certificate of print content will also contain visa remaining number. Simple steps, let you say goodbye to 'line' from now on. Research and development of information, focus on kiosks 15 years, custom hotline: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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