Equipment not to be ignored in self-service payment machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
Now it can be said that the use of self-service payment machines in various enterprises is already 'excellentThe function of this article is introduced for everyone. Picture: Self-service payment machine In order to meet the common usage habits, the self-service payment machine adopts advanced touch technology, which is convenient for users to click and use. At the same time, it integrates handwriting function and computer network technology, which can show everyone beautiful on the screen of the machine. Images, audio, etc. In addition, users can view payment information through their own accounts, such as checking bills, package processing, fund transfers, etc., for enterprises, it can be used for office work and as a promotional medium for enterprises, which can be described as a multi-purpose machine. The self-service payment machine replaces the work of people. Compared with the use of people to do the same work, it has the advantage of fast processing speed and 24-hour service, which cannot be done if you use people. Furthermore, the self-service payment machine realizes the 'human-computer interaction' when we use it, and realizes the pleasure of serving ourselves.
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