Government affairs self-service terminals BianMinHua service, fully improve the work efficiency

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Now the work is in constant pursuit of BianMinHua service, and this BianMinHua is reflected in all kinds of government affairs in the terminal, such as the government introduced some government affairs self-service terminals, at all levels, and improve the efficiency of government work to promote the facilitation work of government affairs. The self service service terminals can be widely used in many occasions, let's take a look! The self-service machine adopts self-support method, can be embedded within multiple government service system, widely used in the DMV, entry and exit hall, police station, government affairs hall, and other places, widely welcomed by the masses. In such places, in the past people want to deal with things are to carry out artificial handle to the window, if there are any personnel have to wait for a long time, but with the government affairs all-in-one, people are more selective, deal with things method is more simple. Only need to use the id card to the government choose one machine can be operation, only need a few steps, take a few minutes to complete, greatly improving the convenience to handle affairs, also improve the efficiency of work. Self-service terminal has become the contemporary many e-government work the important safeguard, at all levels, and promote government affairs work enhances the working efficiency of the government affairs, was welcomed by many government workers and the masses.
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