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Hotel buffet in solution

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
With the continuous improvement of quality of life, the hotel's high school low-end market positioning is also more and more perfect, each big chain constantly, in order to get more customers, hotel managers need from site selection, decoration, design, cost control and so on various aspects to consider. But in the moment the homogeneity serious times, service quality competition is key, can you give the customer a satisfactory in service, has become the hotel's top priority is the client loyalty. The advent of the era of intelligence, let people experience to bring the convenience of smart, and informatization is continuously penetrate into the development of hotel industry and competition, check-in and service information, for young fashion people and business people all have great attractive, save manpower, but also for the hotel so as to reduce labor costs. Eventually improve the customer experience, and saving costs for the hotel. Needs of information for the hotel industry informatization tide, make hotel guests self-service check-in, no stay for self-service check-out, and the membership card room card card new self-service management system. The launch of this system to realize the scientific management of hotel and guest service demand. Is the hotel improve service levels, improve guest occupancy new good help. Hotel kiosks plan from the customer's house, card, card, charge top-up, online booking offline is dealt with in, information query, advice, feedback, and other functions, can be hotel headquarters can manage all the key machines, the hotel can also through the way of distributed deployment. Simple operation, intelligent experience, let your life become more convenient and comfortable. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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