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Hotel kiosks in operation process

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Hotel kiosks as a product of a new era of intelligence, not only save a lot of time to customers, and to the hotel front desk staff to lose a lot of pressure, to the customer and the staff to bring the good experience, and has become a popular trend, many hotel are introducing the self-service terminals, but for a lot of friend first contact the hotel kiosks, don't know how to use self-service terminals, hotel information today to give you a detailed explain hotel kiosks in operation process. Before we come, we need to prepare two things, that's id card and the money, and artificial open building is the same, here we come to the concrete operation process. 1, when we came to the hotel before self-service terminal, need to input your check-in days and need the room types. Then place the id information in documents scanning area, scan id card, after scanning the need for face recognition, confirm whether himself. 2, after confirm the information, will enter the payment link. Hotel of self-service terminal equipment generally have a variety of forms of payment, payment to meet customers' different requirements, such as:, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay cash, unionpay payment and other payment, users only need to choose according to their own situation to pay the corresponding payment. 3, after the completion of a pay, hotel self-service terminal equipment will correspond from the room card to grant the mouth room card, went to card and personal items can go to check in. 4, the hotel self-service terminal equipment also have invoice printing function, the user if you need invoice, can fill in according to the prompt information, fill out after click on print, print can be achieved. 5, our check-out time is also very easy, simply choose to check-out on hotel self-service terminals, and can be operated according to the corresponding prompt. Hotel self-help terminal check-in process is very simple, for operating expertly friends, one minute can complete all operations. With hotel self-service terminals, the client will be able to in their own devices when check-in on identity registration, verification, order processing, payment and get the room card and a series of process, also can independently when check-out and obtain electronic invoice. Simple and quick, even in the traffic was very big, also rarely appear in line. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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