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Hotel kiosks, rounding

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Hotel kiosks in the present market is relatively less, many hotel companies for hotel kiosks also is not very understanding, some hotels haven't even heard of hotel kiosks the object exists. Today to share the hotel kiosks in detail. A, hotel function of self-service terminal 1, conduction function: id, qr code, phone number, membership card check-in; 2, hairpin function: the issuance of the hotel room card; 3, prepaid phone functions: online payment ( Pay treasure, WeChat, etc. ) Unionpay, cash payments; 4, video function: customers face recognition of acquisition and check; 5, print function: print certificate; 6, the reading card function: unionpay card, hotel card, room card read; 7, timing function: timing automatic switch machine; 8, advertising function: can play background operation management; 9. Power trading function: backup support after power, can operate normally sold the tickets. Second, hotel self service terminal check-in and check-out 1, choose what you want to want to stay in hotel room types and input the number of days 2, id scanning and facial recognition. 3, on the camera into the payment link, according to oneself circumstance to payment 4, from the room card issued to get room card 5, check out some convenient than open building, choose to check-out on hotel kiosks, then according to clew operation step by step.
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