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Hotel self-service terminals, take you experience 'open building' new posture

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
When you are in no one regrets no shops, factories, convenient bus the magic, who also have never thought, under a 'hit' is no hotel, since last year 'hotel' officially entered people's lives, no deposit, no the waiter's novel experience, cause the attention of various eat the melon masses and check-in. If you haven't experienced no one hotel, you don't know, what is called 'technology refresh our imagination. Followed is exciting the lunar New Year holiday, busy work will comfortable and romantic holiday, a said whether you will choose to go to go travel? What travel hotel, meet the most let you have a headache? Line up to jump the queue, must cash deposit in regulation? Check-in time is too long? Living room and network diagram is buyers and sellers show show the difference? Small long vacation travel are many, check-in waiting? Then you try to change the 'position', experience no one hotel, the sense of 'science' of the new hotel. Mobile check in, brush a face, from the book to check out all the wisdom, full of mystique check-in, no hotel stay, stay, invoices and other process to handle all can be completed on self-service terminals. Silly of lovely hotel delivery machine is acting as 'the bartender' way for guests to provide items be delivered by hand, guest room, etc. In the guest room, guest by voice to intelligent speakers, can also realize the TV, air conditioning, washing machine, such as lighting, curtain control. No one to simplify the procedure of check in hotel, accommodation more convenient and efficient, no hotel is cancelled at the front desk set, instead is the hotel kiosks, kiosks hotel is a function of how to replace the hotel front desk? To self-service terminals is popular with the customers of the hotel, to everyone. Check-in at the hotel, just stand in front of the hotel self-help terminal machines, id, brush a face, through WeChat sweep code after the payment, pay treasure to pay end, room card is automatically spit out, is very convenient. Face recognition system is the public security system interface, fully eliminate the safety hidden trouble, if not I will not deal with that experience to be both safe and fast. With the progress of science and technology, such as kiosks, intelligent robot, has been applied in the field, more and more intelligent will gradually become the mainstream trend. Intelligence in the future, can look forward to! Hotel kiosks order hotline: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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