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How many money a self-help order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Along with the fast food industry occupies the catering sector most of the market, more and more fast food restaurants appeared in people's eyes. Chinese fast food and western fast food, every peak dining service is always difficult to satisfactory. So many restaurants to introduce Qian Lin automatic ordering system, a new higher level service quality. Automatic ordering system to increase restaurant new experiences. Huge traffic not only increased the staff working pressure, is to let the order of whole dining room is difficult to maintain. Automatic ordering system, able to alleviate the pressure of the order at the counter at the same time, more can enhance the ability and level of service of the restaurant, let customers wait less, faster. Customers automatic operation order system can be based on function to complete the order and payment, on the screen by combining let customers are more likely to find out in the process of order their favorite dishes. Automatic ordering system, speed up the efficiency of the restaurant service, better solved the previous order of personnel together crowded chaos phenomenon, greatly to maintain the image of the restaurant. Self-help order machine, according to the configuration, you need a different categories to choose from. If you want to know the price of the product, you can contact the sales quotation to you.
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