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How to choose and buy a high quality of self-service terminals?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
In recent years, with the constant innovation of science and technology, there appear a large number of automation products, and self-service terminals is one of them. At present, in many fields are all can see the figure of self-service terminal equipment, the most common sites are: Banks, railway stations, airports and bus stations and so on. The biggest advantage of the self-service terminal is able to work, the work time is very long, in general, it can be operation (365 * 24 hours In the case of excluded the self-service machine is out of order) 。 So, how to choose a high quality of self-service terminals? Next, we will together with the author of the information technology and see it. 1, check the manufacturer's strength: mainly includes: is there a product patent certificate; How much is the self-service terminals manufacturers of registered capital; If there is a longer kiosks development; If there is a self-service terminal development, testing, manufacturing, maintenance of related departments and so on. 2, check the product type: if vendor can provide a variety of functions of the application of self-service terminal equipment. 3, consulting, product price: according to purchase model, quantity, etc. , considering the specific product quotation. 4, check the after-sale service: self-service terminals manufacturers, if there is a comprehensive service system. At the same time, it remains to be seen whether it can guarantee the kiosks failure occurs, can get to repair or replace with the fastest speed, let the buyer satisfaction. In v, self-service terminal equipment when the choose and buy, we need to consider the factors of super, and every factor is particularly important, its occupied position is very important, so you must consider all the factors, then make the corresponding choice decisions. Self-service terminal equipment will be able to function efficiently, the main influence factor is the quality of its own, so you need to ensure the quality is excellent. If you are interested to buy high quality a self-service terminals or want to know more kiosks capture to expend machine details, consult the information technology ( LIEN) 。
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