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How to choose good self-help order self-help cashier software

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
'the furthest distance in the world than you still in the queue, other people have already bought single' in order to let customers say goodbye to the checkout line, many businesses have used the self-service register, but many businesses don't know how to choose to use self-service order cashier software. Here, introduce everyone to think self-help cashier software. What are the self-service checkout functions: 1. Self-help pay new retail self-service register integrating new technology of bar code identification, the Internet of things, by embedding the barcode scanner, equipped with barcode identification, acquisition, data transmission characteristics, docking background shopping system and mobile payment system. Customers just in order to pay when shopping rush hour, when choose whether or not the member and yards of commodity barcodes open WeChat or pay treasure payment code take goods slip and the whole operation process without the cashier, self-help pay can, easy and quick. 2. Data statistics as the boss will shop better operate will be aware of the real requirements of customers, self-help cashier software can be remotely via the customer payment for goods sales ranking, turnover, and customer preferences, member statistics analysis data, can manage the goods, at the same time instant sales queries, reconciliations, data analysis, adjust the commodities, the boss just download the shopkeeper app or login party and PC data background. Self-help cashier software have what advantage: 1. Improve efficiency of cashier, self-service register let small and medium-sized businesses can use lower cost to carry on the omni-directional management, shop in improve the efficiency of the cashier at the same time, also can help businesses to realize intelligent and thinking mode of operation of the Internet! 2. No hardware costs after the success of the tenants can build qr code in the background, handheld pos artificial human costs 3. Big data accurate marketing data for the precise marketing provides vast amounts of data, to establish a more accurate market positioning and analysis, find customers effectively, to provide customers with more personalized products and services. 4, system stability self-service checkout system will not because the broken network, computer crash or replace computer data loss; Without wiring, bid farewell to the traditional wiring, say goodbye to local area network (LAN), it is not because the network is not stable and cause problems. Application self-service checkout software businesses through the shopkeeper app with their own stores management, order management, cashier systems, operation process through. The entire intelligent, self-support, true for businesses to improve business efficiency, to bring customers, reduce costs, system operation!
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