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How to improve the restaurant turned Taiwan rate?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Operating cost is high, the daily water but sluggish; Especially in fast food restaurants, for office workers, the basic focus on 2 hours at noon eat, their demand for fast food more focus on efficiency. Your restaurant have this problem? If so, how to increase the rate of restaurant turned Taiwan? Want to increase the rate of turn table, fast food mainly kung fu in the 'production', and the detail process of optimization: 1, using self-service order machine, DiGaoDian meal efficiency. order function of improving the efficiency of ordering a meal in a restaurant, customers independent order, order payment on the screen, saves the customer queue length, DiGaoDian meal efficiency, as long as the guarantee after hutch production efficiency, speed it up as a whole. Promotive 2, set up electronic menu, enhancing the efficiency of single. Restaurant set the menu to the restaurant has the advantage of the dishes with more effective display to the customer, make customer order also be clear at a glance, and can make a decision immediately, can speed up the customer's order time. 3, the use of snarling system, launch customer self-service meal, improve the efficiency of serving. Fast-food waiter usually less, more than one service tables must be 'helping', then your turn screen to let customers the benefits of self service meal, optimize the waiter work. Increase the rate of turn table, in the final analysis is the optimization of service process, speed up the restaurant service, improve customer dining experience. In addition to services and processes, hard bench, music with fast rhythm, can be virtually urging.
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