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How to solve the problem of school canteen?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
In the development of our society today, the school canteen is still the first choice for many students dining. First, because of its low consumption, followed by its relatively safe. But the school canteen meal time will appear a lot of problems, such as at the time of peak traffic, traffic, order settlement window service does not reach the designated position, often appear fault calculation and so on. In the face of these problems, whether the school canteen management personnel or students are very headache. So how can you solve the problem of school canteen has become an issue of concern, all the authors show you how to solve today. Faced with the problem of school canteen, the authors suggest is considering using visual and settlement. Visual settlement platform relative to compare is the advantage of artificial intelligence. Visual and settlement are using AI intelligent recognition, calculation of the checkout faster than human. Basically a normal settlement process, only about 20 seconds can be completed. If visual settlement adopted the face, then the speed is more faster. For operators, visual and settlement stage compared to the cost of artificial cost more low. Visual settlement platform not only on the settlement speed, but also can be a detailed record of every consumption, convenient management. Visual settlement platform as a intelligent product, calculate the probability of error is very low, at the same time also can work for a long period of time, these are artificial hard to match. The use of visual settlement platform can better solve the problems of the school canteen, the intelligent reform can help the canteen. At the same time, in the face of the cafeteria, there are some similar group meal place also has happened, you can use visual settlement stage, greatly improve the happening of this kind of situation.
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