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How to use cinema self-help sales ticket machine is buy a ticket?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
About cinema self-service ticket machine, you must not strange, because in almost all cinemas can be seen, cinema self-service sale ticket machine is usually placed in a corner of the theater. They are different sizes, shapes, but one thing is the same, not because they are relative to the theatre staff, in a corner and despise them, because they are for the theater, has the extremely vital significance, for cinema operation management work has played an important role. So you know how to use cinema self-help sell the ticket machine to buy tickets? It mainly through the following steps to buy a ticket: a, 1 into the ticket. Standby mode, select the 'buy tickets'. 2. Standby mode, select 'use the help', can view the ticket process. 3. Standby mode, cinema self-service functionality also sell the ticket machine front page contains a variety of channels to collect the tickets service ticket, at the same time can provide member information query. Second, select The Times and 1. From the theater self-service sale ticket machine after the home page, click on the 'buy tickets', namely into the display list. 2. Select any film, the system automatically display the film screenings can buy; 3. Select any screenings, the ticket into the interface. Third, choose the seat 1. Choose their own seat on seat, the center of the screen for selecting location area, the upper right corner of the insets for overall seat locations; 2. Select 'next, payment' button, complete options and enter the payment page. Four, 1 to complete the payment. Choose to use the membership card payments; 2. Brush card, enter the membership card password; After the credit card, the system will pop up order confirmation interface, remind customers have the choose and buy goods, and then click the continue to pay, to enter the password interface. 3. Confirm the payment. Film as a visual culture in one of the most powerful and influential cultural media, has become an indispensable part of people's life. Self-help to sell the tickets and now cinema machine with unprecedented new identity into the cinema sales in the industry, in the face of the fans gradually enhanced service requirements, a theater the existence of self-help to sell the ticket machine is no longer a problem. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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