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How to use the hotel self check-in machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
Humanization, informationization, and intelligence have gradually become the mainstream of social development. Especially in recent years, science and technology have been developing rapidly, and some traditional enterprises are also in line with modern times. For example, in fast food and hotels, people’s demand is constantly increasing. The shortage of human resources and the increase in costs have become problems in the development of enterprises. At present, the hotel self-check-in machine used by the hotel is developed to help solve this problem. However, there are still many people who don't know how to operate it. The author will give you a brief introduction. Picture: The homepage of the hotel's self-check-in machine. In the past, when passengers checked in, the hotel staff would usually register the information of the passengers. If you encounter a troublesome passenger or the information staff cannot When it is confirmed, the handling process cannot be carried out quickly, which delays the time of other passengers. In this case, it will not appear on the hotel self-check-in machine, because it is controlled by a computer, and there is no need to rest and the like; in addition, it simplifies the procedures and only requires the hotel’s VIP card or second generation The ID card can be registered. The hotel self-check-in machine saves time for passengers, reflects its humanity, is completely controlled by a computer, reflects its informatization, reduces the use of personnel, saves costs, and improves processing efficiency.
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