ID card application all-in-one machine to improve the comfort of ID card processing

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
The author lost his ID card some time ago and went to the ID card application machine to apply for a new ID card in person. The process is simply amazing! Some people may not understand what I said that the ID card application integrated machine can improve the comfort of ID processing, but the author will tell you! Picture: ID card application all-in-one machine, remember what the traditional ID card application method is like? You need to go to the relevant government affairs hall in person, if you are out of town, you have to spend time by car. After arrival, if there are too many people, you will have to wait in line for a long time. During the process of applying for the card, you need to submit the account book and other documents. You also need to let the staff take pictures as required. This series of processes will take at least half a day. But now it is much simpler to use the ID card application all-in-one machine, so the operation is simple, and there will not be many people waiting for long. In addition, there is no need to talk to the staff, just input the ID number, enter the fingerprint information, and perform face recognition verification in the order above. The whole process only needs a cup of tea, is it very convenient? Moreover, the widespread application of the ID card application integrated machine is also an important manifestation of smart government affairs, which has been widely welcomed by the masses.
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