Improve restaurant order little helper - efficiency - Self-service order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
As we all know, when hit peak dining restaurant, called the waiter order no reply, because the restaurant is understaffed, server is busy with other table service, all the other customers in the deep end, such as time passes can cause the loss of many customers. 。 。 。 。 。 In the face of such situation, the restaurant industry to change how to better solve? Catering artifact 'self service order machine promotive assist restaurant enhancing efficiency of meal, at the same time improve the whole order customer experience and the restaurant. What is the specific operation? Efficient way of ordering, improving customer order experience, and self-help order machine sets and decoder, and appliances have one dimensional code/qr code identification, acquisition, data transmission function, through self-service ordering terminals, data transmission to the kitchen, fast order, payment, catering, room process. Customers just in order machine touch screen order order can be completed, the efficient way of self-support order, from the order and receipt of service staff, let them have time to better serve customers, at the same time saves the customer in the periods of peak dining long queues waiting time. Restaurant in order to better operation, in addition to the restaurant's health and taste, through self-service order machine of high quality services to improve the performance of the restaurant, and cut the operating costs of the restaurant, such ability can let dining-room achieve highest margin.
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