Intelligent self-service order machine system to make the customer more pleasant

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
According to the survey found that many customers go to restaurants don't like being ignored, and I don't like being stared at, such feeling let a person very uncomfortable. Sometimes less restaurant waiter, customer order can not find people, so that customer psychology will feel very uncomfortable, this restaurant you can use the self-service order machine to make the customer order, so that these problems will disappear. With self-service order machine system, no matter how busy, restaurant waiter, how many customers what they want, through self-service order machine system order can be quickly and self-help order machine system design is a personal, considering the customer go out not in the habit of carrying cash, so the payment is also very diverse, customers can through alipay, WeChat, bank CARDS and so on a variety of ways to complete the payment, is very simple and convenient. For the latest food restaurant, order through self-service machine system of advertising screen to display, let customers to know that the specialty of the restaurant, the first time with no delicious. Along with the fast food industry occupies the catering sector most of the market, more and more fast food restaurants appeared in people's eyes. Chinese fast food and western fast food, every peak dining service is always difficult to satisfactory. So many restaurants to introduce self-help order machine system, a new higher level service quality. Huge traffic not only increased the staff working pressure, is to let the order of whole dining room is difficult to maintain. Self-help order machine system, can alleviate the pressure of the order at the counter at the same time, more can enhance the ability and level of service of the restaurant, let customers wait less, faster. Customer self-service operation order system can be based on function to complete the order and payment, on the screen by combining let customers are more likely to find out in the process of ordering your favourite dishes. Self-help order machine system, speed up the efficiency of the restaurant service, better solved the previous order of personnel together crowded chaos phenomenon, greatly to maintain the image of the restaurant.
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