Introduction of take-away from the container of colleges and universities, students never afraid of the take-away was stolen

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Recently, the authors have seen the news reports, zhuhai in guangdong province of jilin university zhuhai academy dormitory delivery quantity thousands of every day, often take-away is stolen, someone once stolen three, and these wait-the widowed housewife sells take-away people were unemployed, in the net cafe play games every day, hungry just came to our school to steal food! See this report, the author think of the shortly before the Internet became a lot of stolen take-out student sneaked his own design printed announcement may carry take-away. Facing the problems above delivery was stolen, on February 26, jilin university zhuhai college introduced the take-away from the container, now the students by the extracted code get take-out, students thumb up: the new semester began to use the ark, 'no longer worry about' delivery was stolen. Maybe you are confused about what is the take-away from the container? Takeout since container can also be called intelligent take food preservation tank, in shenzhen university city to introduce our company 'take-out from ark', for example, it is based on Internet + intelligent hardware as the carrier of the hardware platform, the students at the end of the class in advance at the merchants WeChat end or cell phone APP booked order and good delivery time, after order, the system will automatically send take food or qr code to the students on the phone, the students with meal number ( Qr code) In the smart take meal ark take meal. Merchants to provide convenient take-out access services on time. Solve the after school don't have to go to the canteen queue already, also need not to eat outside, straight back to the dormitory can eat delicious food. And be a 40 - take-away from the container 60 ℃ intelligent heat preservation function, in a safe temperature range to ensure the food the same quality diners can not only guarantee the temperature of the food, and to maintain its freshness. Now, students have to the point of delivery ark also calculate have their own home, don't have to worry about delivery will be stolen, don't choke point run to find take-out little elder brother! At the same time, the take-away ark will clean every day, regular disinfection, the students can use can be at ease.
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