Medical self-service terminal how to make an appointment? Operation process is what?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Register for a long time, the hospital is a big thing, let the man's head in line for a long time every time, and the speed is slow, lead to a lot of people fear the hospital, in order to solve this problem, many hospital has introduced the medical self-service terminals, convenient we make an appointment, but for a lot of friends was used for the first time, still don't know how to operate, the medical information is to teach everybody today kiosks make an appointment in the concrete operation process. 1, patients can pass the second generation id card, the card, health card, health card, etc in the medical self-service terminals to make an appointment, such as id card to make an appointment. 2, then according to the prompt medical self-service terminal, the second generation id card induction flat on id card, medical self-service terminals can automatic identification on it. 3, then the reservation department were selected, according to the actual needs of their choice. 4, in some hospitals, also can choose to make an appointment for a doctor, so that can support the doctors or patients to choose their own like the last time to see the doctor the doctor. 5, after selecting the doctor will determine the time of diagnosis, if there is time, the source, you need to further choice of time, but is important to note that the sufferings once time we have to come on time, in order to achieve the best treatment effect. 6, to determine whether information I just make an appointment to see a doctor. Well, at this point the entire booking process will be over, is very simple, the emergence of medical self-service terminals, not only convenient for everybody's appointment, also will not happen again in our basic line, and can reduce the work burden of hospital again, make the whole medical process become more efficient. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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