Medical self-service terminal to solve many medical problems

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
There are often many trivial problems that need to be handled in hospitals, such as patient registration, payment, report printing, medical content inquiries, etc. If these trivial matters are asked one by one to the hospital staff, it will bring a lot of trouble. For this kind of problem, hospitals have generally launched medical self-service terminals to make handling additional things more convenient. Picture: Medical self-service terminal takes the registration machine of the medical self-service terminal as an example. The medical self-service terminal is not large in size and adopts artificial mechanical design, which can easily solve the problem of registration for the patient. The patient only needs to select the'register' option on the self-service terminal, and then easily complete the entire registration process by swiping an ID card or medical insurance card, and the medical self-service terminal will automatically print the registration slip. This self-service registration method not only saves patients' time, regulates the order of the hospital, but also improves the overall image of the hospital and becomes a sign of smart medical construction. Is it convenient? There is no need for staff to be on duty, and there is no need to worry about the problem of queuing too many people. Various methods can bring better solutions to patients and hospital staff, and promote the upgrade of smart medical services.
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