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Wall Mounted Hospital Healthy Kiosk
Wall Mounted Hospital Healthy Kiosk
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3-4 weeks for prototype,6-8 weeks for mass production
Based on approved design sketch

Multi-touch Desktop Kiosk in Hospital 

Desktop kiosks have many advantages over deploying a computer/ monitor in a public area. The program and any information visitors input is protected in a locked enclosure. The desk top kiosk is also modern and attractive and won’t detract from the area it is deployed. The kiosk also allows you to hide all the cabling required to service your unit from view. Scroll over the picture to see the desk top version without a printer.


Multi-touch Desktop Kiosk Basic modules:

· 19 inch HD multi touch panel

· Intel 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor

· Microphone

· 4 USB Ports

· Camera

· Adjustable monitor angle of 0-30 degrees


Optional Modules:


· Fingerprint Reader

· HDMI Cable Port

· Bar Code Scanner – Hand Held

· Magnetic Scrip & Bar Code Reader

· QR Code Reader

The usage and advantages of Multi-touch desktop kiosk: .

  • The Desktop Kiosk is a multi-touch kiosk with a user friendly adjustable monitor that is great for check-in.

  • The Desktop Information Kiosk was built as an interactive and touch screen kiosk for businesses and  hospital.

  • Compact and convenient, this countertop Kiosk checks in guests while preserving valuable floor space. This check-in kiosk was created for any environment where floor space is at a premium, but it can also be the perfect installation to cater to users with a variety of mobility issues. With a fully adjustable monitor face, four USB ports, camera, microphone and stereo speakers all standard, this kiosk can do big things in a small space.

  • The touch screen kiosk's monitor sets it apart from more traditional units in two important ways: First, the 19-inch screen can be oriented horizontally or vertically and leaned forward or backward up to 45 degrees. Lock it down or give users the freedom to adjust it to their comfort. Second, it features a multi-touch monitor in a world where most computer kiosks are still single-point touch screens. Users can pinch and drag to zoom in and out on content just like they do with their mobile devices.





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