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New retail model, the use of self-service register customer self-service settlement

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Now in the retail industry, as rent, labor costs increased, and the impact of online sales. Offline store business is become more and more difficult. In the face of such predicament businesses how to do? Smart businesses online, with new retail scene mode. Many companies use the new retail self-service register, customers choose and buy the goods, in self-service checkout with commodity bar code on the cashier scan window, the screen will automatically appear goods quantity, price, name. , open the phone after confirmed WeChat/pay treasure payment, after the completion of the order can go to pick up the goods. The emergence of this self-help payment, convenient for customers, make customers enjoy high efficiency and convenient shopping, at the same time also reduce the business personnel cost spending. More and more get the majority of merchants love. In addition, the new retail self-service checkout are not limited to the performance, the convenient operation on the cashier system also has the function of data analysis, through the record sales ranking, turnover, member statistics and other data, can learn of the real requirements of customers, for goods accordingly; And further enhance the brand value. New retail businesses open self-service checkout mode, make the customers and the cashier role transformation, let customers from the pain of long lines, improve the efficiency of customer cashier, for merchants, self service is not only the most effective tools for improving the efficiency of the supermarket cashier, the cash register in improving accuracy of cashier, reduce customer complaint rate has also played a positive role.
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