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New retail power resistance to disease action, self-service register what brand value

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Survey data shows, the use of self-service equipment guest unit price increased by an average of 25%. Self-service checkout equipment effectively, customer waiting time by an average of 50%. Without the stress of artificial, customers have time to research products, thereby increasing sales. With the development of science and technology, more and more people are accustomed to using self-service equipment. How to choose self service cash register brand? Self-service register novel appearance, excellent performance for merchants effectively ease the cashier line up problem. Touch screen with different size, equipped with cameras, receipt printer, qr code scanner in line with the new way of consumption, in the mobile payment in the equipment with operation table and the bracket of shopping shopping bag automatic upgrade all used to make the customer more comfortable experience. Merchants for the self-service register brand requirements and use are escalating. Businesses to save manpower, reduce the operating costs at the same time, also can through the self-service equipment to push new products or discount information. Customers can also self-help order, collocation and self-help pay package. Self-service blessings, realize the intelligent management of new retail stores, improve the efficiency of stores, effectively reduce business operating costs, quick help clients check out at the same time, improving customer shopping and dining experience. As early as 2014, focus on self service order machine application abroad, absorb foreign product experience at the same time to create suitable for Chinese consumption and payment system of food and beverage, is the domestic earlier launch self-help order machine using WeChat payment scheme. Meet era trend in 2017 began to research new retail self-service register, market promotion to the retail industry, application category and sinopec, petrochina, baycom oil companies such as depth cooperation, acclaimed. With independent software system research and development team, operations team and marketing team, the future is committed to the wise restaurant on the solution to be continued to serve food and beverage industry.
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