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New retail self-service register, supermarket cashier more convenient

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
In the present era of big data, the development of science and technology, bring people a more convenient life experience. The author to say today is a new retail supermarket use self-service register bring convenient service life. Believe that when you go to the supermarket will face a more troubling thing, that is check-out queues. Especially the weekend peak, a lot of office worker will have a holiday, and supermarket there will be a lot of promotional activities at weekends. The choose and buy a car with a good heart desired goods, go to the checkout counter to find that each team is a long queues, the mood can instantly turn sunny day. And stand in the Angle of the employees, cashier staff always busy not over, but also to do 'higher', 'faster, keep efficient working condition quickly, like tightened the string of clocks and watches, there's not a moment to relax. With the development of science and technology, many supermarket introduced the self-service checkout service, customers no longer need to wait for a long boring cashier check, can 'do-it-yourself have ample food and clothing, just sweep commodity code - - WeChat/alipay payment can be quick to complete checkout. And in self-service checkout tend to have one or two staff to help customers solve problems. Self-service register can be a win-win situation, to customers, shortens the time of checkout and get a better shopping experience; Customers to use self-service register for cashier cashier, this to a certain extent reduce the stress of the supermarket staff; For supermarkets, save the manpower cost greatly, because 3, 4, cash register only need one or two staff in next to assist.
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