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【 ^ new 】 Self-service ticketing system self-help top-up payment machine product advantage why choose guangdong

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
In self-service hospital registration machine, shenzhen, guangdong | machine, manufacturers, suppliers, equipment, price, etc. In the article, let everybody understand some knowledge on the unknown, but 'the self-service ticketing system self service top-up payment machine product advantage why choose guangdong' for many people is still relatively unfamiliar, today we'll learn about: 1, unattended, failure rate is extremely low, long life, can greatly save manpower cost. 2, support cash accept money change, accept money change speed, a high recognition rate. Credit card, WeChat, pay treasure to pay is very convenient, significantly increase the speed of the ticket, improve work efficiency and the tourist satisfaction. 3, with functions of the operation is simple, practical, beautiful appearance, voice, etc. 4, easy to support id, barcodes and collect the tickets, visitors online ticketing, collect the tickets at the scene. 5, the upper machine display support video playback, advertising propaganda and improve the corporate image. 6, can according to demand to add, change, delete ticket, ticket prices, convenient management. 7, increasing the safety of funds, put an end to counterfeit money amount and shortage of self service, self-service ticketing system product advantage counterfeit money to a compensate ten. Guangdong guarantee the bidding goods are brand new, unused, the appearance of packaging, equipment and related accessories without damage, and in every way as to meet the requirements of the quality, specification and performance stipulated in the contract. Ensure the goods properly reasonable installation, operation and maintenance, work well during its life. In the quality guarantee period, our company to caused by the defect of design, technology or material is responsible for any defect or malfunction. In the above situation, my company in a timely manner after receipt of buyer's notice arrived at the scene maintenance service, responsible for free maintenance, to ensure that the buyer's normal use. ( 1) The enterprise provide products are according to the standard loading and unloading, and the mode of transportation, safety guarantee measures, shipped to your site, to ensure safe arrival; ( 2) My company this bid products have been professional installation and debugging; ( 3) This product is my company's normal product, for many years the related project performance; ( 4) My company after complete assembly debugging and self-inspection of qualified, can inform the user into the factory acceptance; ( 5) After the products arrive in user space, by my company sent the user assistance on-site commissioning, user acceptance to product; ( 6) Bid the goods quality guarantee period of three years. After 7, the equipment comes into play, the company sent personnel to the user operation. Maintenance personnel training, detailed interpretation of the principle of related equipment operation methods, common troubleshooting and maintenance instructions for operation and maintenance personnel should know, should be; 8, the product in the user field debugging finished, my company's commissioning services site protect use 24 working hours, and by the company to send staff training; 9, products into use after a month, my company's technical service personnel tracking service, under normal circumstances, to the scene 2 times a month; 10, daily maintenance maintenance work shall be the responsibility of the user that raises a gender, if a phone call to my company to assist, on-call. 11, the warranty period, our company has the responsibility about the quality of the possible accidents excluded or assist to exclude, guarantee the machine use. Confront m outside of the service, if the buyer ask my company to provide technical support and maintenance, product maintenance service charge standard as follows: artificial cost 300 yuan/person/day, hardware maintenance according to the cost of equipment maintenance services. Regardless of the warranty period or the quality assurance period, the company promised to provide equipment of track maintenance response immediately, arrived at the scene within 24 hours services; 12, my company customer service will be entirely responsible for product after-sales service and spare parts supply of quality in a timely manner. The use of my company to the bidding equipment performance, quality, equipment reliability performance guarantee. 'Self-service ticketing system self service top-up payment machine product advantage why shenzhen Jue khun mentioned content, are our authors carefully prepared for you, do you remember last self-service hospital registration machine said what? Some of these are probably not comprehensive, we will be in a future article will explain one by one to you!
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