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No convenience store plan

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
In no one know much convenience store? In first-tier cities have a lot of layout, you can go to experience. Then followed the author today to talk to no one shop, know about what is there is no convenience store in professional supply company. No convenience store is mainly focus on facial recognition, by identifying people into the store, and record notice entrance guard control to open the door. After into the shop, customers can make shopping store, the store will be placed cameras to record, prevent other problems. Also pay attention to in self-service decorate on the cash register, the real do no one shop. As long as the customers themselves sweeping code checkout, self-help cashier opportunity for demagnetization goods. There is one of the most important magnetic voice recognition alarm and voice prompt screen door shut out control. Alarm sound magnetic identification and recognition is mainly aimed at the customer forget scan code under the condition of the check, found not sweep sound magnetic and recognition code to pay goods directly report to the police notice. Also won't open the door, the need to sweep the code after paying customers to normal. The whole scheme of unmanned convenience store is relatively close to the real life the whole process of shopping, we also fully considered some emergency handling problems, directly from the source. And as in food industry struggle more than ten years of high-tech products company, fully considered no convenience store. Above is no convenience store design, as well as some wisdom restaurants etc. Various kinds of new intelligent scene, we can know more about.
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