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No convenience store - The new retail dark horse

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
As no one no one restaurant, convenience stores, supermarkets, the emergence of the new pattern everyone focused on in the unattended mode of The Times. Many retail giants have focused on unmanned convenience stores, retail industry as a new dark horse. In a convenience store, which emerging retail model is very value, that we understand why this dark horse to such value. To know there is no convenience stores can be so important, it is to know about the difference between no convenience store and the traditional convenience store. Traditional convenience store supply products is more, relatively complete kinds, but more rely on human, so lead to high operating costs, this is the industry's pain points. Existing unmanned convenience store is dominated by the unmanned operation, low cost model. In terms of supply of goods is complete supply less, in addition to the need of artificial too much part of the product. At the same time in order to save cost, convenience store no one takes more than a pipe model. In comparison, no one the main advantage of a convenience store in low operating costs, convenient and quick. Retail giants are want to develop this new retail model, change the traditional retail industry's main rely on manual mode. And customers is to find a new shopping mode, at the same time outside of the existing convenience store business hours to find more suitable convenience store. Indeed, as a new retail industry dark horse, there is no convenience store with a legacy of the existing convenience stores to comparable advantage, this also is no convenience store one of the reasons is loved by everyone.
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