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No one convenience stores to add a little warm at night

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
With the economic development of now, because more and more people begin to work to night work the pattern of demand. A lot of people in the middle of the night between the end of the grid work overtime life, dragging the hungry and tired body want to find a place to rest. But normal operating time is over, so there is no appearance of convenience store is very important. 24 hours no convenience store, is not only for the night belongs to the family provides a place to rest, and you add a little warm at night. Although the advantages of open 24 hours a day is not the first time to see the big chains such as KFC, McDonald's has already launched, but is not they are all the shops are open 24 hours, only partially. For 24 hours operating costs will be high, but there is no convenience stores do not have such worries. Throughout the business originally is one of the advantages of no convenience store appears, in using the self-service register, entrance guard system, and so on high-tech products, no convenience store is safe and self service process have a certain security. For existing retail industry, the service does a disadvantage in the night, means the loss of the market. No convenience store is for the retail industry, is also a new retail mode, is probably the developing mode of retail industry. Open 24 hours a day, although is no convenience store, but the warm lamplight is night night return to the warmth of the people. Also we represent the retail industry for the spirit of service, no matter you in when and where, no convenience store is 24 hours service customers throughout the day.
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