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No one restaurant, experience in advance of science and technology in the future

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
In science fiction movies we have seen, all will be looking forward to the future of life science and technology, special can have more than high-tech products in we live in. And the author is deep in my memory is not restaurant scene in the future, only need a little finger, wait for a moment there will be robots for you to dinner. Actually we now have this with no restaurant, though not so strong in science fiction, but also is very good. Now to experience no one restaurant, followed the authors experience in advance of science and technology in the future. Now no one restaurant technology development is also very good, has achieved no one. The main application scenario is in unmanned self-service hot pot, this type the popularization degree is quite high. No one restaurant mainly by face recognition screen, entrance guard system, self-help, self service order machine, the cash register and magnetic voice alarm system of unmanned restaurant system. The system can ensure the normal order of the customer dining can no one all the way, guarantee the buffet dinner. Customer only need that take the door face recognition information or scan code identification authentication, through after the completion of the can directly into the door. Into the shop can be more alert, for self-service order machine order. Then according to the cry of screen prompts in intelligent cupboard can get your food, can be normal meal. If it is in no self-service hotpot restaurant after dinner, just need to get you want to eat food for self-help cashier to pay for it, the whole process of self service order is very simple, and really no one restaurant, as for the customers table. Now no one restaurant technology can still, but compared with the sci-fi movies still have certain distance. So there is no restaurant technology will be in a better direction, efforts to build more intelligent application scenario.
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