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No one restaurant overturn traditional food and beverage industry

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
No one no one supermarket, convenience store, the cashier, and no one restaurant term has been running forward from the concept of fashion to our real life, not only bring us experience, technology also brings us convenient. Among them, the catering industry in the 'restaurant' mode, customer self-service order, payment and and automatic room service, whole process self-support, without the intervention. No ordering a meal in a restaurant, need to order in self-service machine screen sliding screen, the screen there are kinds of food, the be fond of according to oneself to order, and then sweep code after the payment, need a few minutes, can take cupboard to get smart in the restaurant of steaming food. No one restaurant will order a meal process simplified, and let the consumer can be simple, easy to get started, make sweeping code order to enjoy. Among them, the intelligent cupboard solution, orders from the front to the background meal, unified by the system matching, finish after a meal after hutch, catering staff only need to add the corresponding cupboard, the system will automatically notify the customer phone, without too much manpower operation, simple and convenient. Specific operation for restaurant diners use intelligent system in WeChat public number to complete the booking in advance to pay first, after dining room can receive orders, for catering, smart take sideboard can automatically send take food or qr code to the diner on mobile phones, with the meal number ( Qr code) , you just need to take food in a limited amount of time, without lengthy waiting in line in the canteen. Convenient smart sideboard, bother the dining room of multi-type queuing take food. On companies, universities, hospitals, communities, through wireless WIFI or 3 g / 4 g phone card connection dining room background system, convenient for people to eat don't have to line up directly take food, for the restaurant, which save the cost spending has improved service. For customers, reduce meal waiting time, improving the dining experience, achieve a win-win situation.
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