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No plans for the development of the convenience store

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
No convenience store the current development state is very good, is the present stage has been gradually expanding. No convenience store technology is increasingly mature, the problems in practice are improved. So what about there is no convenience store development plan? 1, the technology and convenience stores to improve no convenience store launched today, from the very beginning will appear a lot of problems, to the question now is less, tend to mature technology, also in slowly began to do technical upgrade. Avoid in the process of our users use uncontrollable situation, increase the safety of more consideration. We through to the face recognition screen information authentication and preservation, for shopping information to save the horse. Strengthen the function of video monitoring, ensure no convenience store security and reliability. For everyone in the use process problems, from the first unmanned convenience stores do technical improvement. 2, no one convenience store business model to upgrade our convenience store is mainly related to the retail industry products, so in daily life the mainstream is a convenience store this everywhere, demand for larger retail industry. The development of the next, we are likely to continue to do this model, but no one will increase a variety of development patterns of convenience stores, convenience stores for purely to sell goods and can be in store for convenience store this pattern diversity development of dining, as far as possible to improve the integrity of the retail industry. 3, no one convenience store looking looking forward to do better technology development of convenience stores, more intelligent technology application. We will continue to improve the convenience stores in all intelligent application scenario, do the development of the technique target as no one pharmacy.
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