On-site 'inspection' of self-service ticket vending machines in scenic spots

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Today, when I was visiting a scenic spot in Shenzhen, I saw that there was no manual ticket sales near the ticket office. Instead, five self-service ticket machine terminals were providing tourists with the service of selling scenic spots tickets. In fact, the author is very familiar with it. The self-service ticket vending machines for these scenic spots and train ticket self-service ticket machines look the same, and the methods of use are similar. As long as you enter the relevant information as needed, the ticket vending machine will automatically complete functions such as prompting and issuing tickets. Picture: Although there were a lot of tourists at the self-service ticket vending machine in the scenic spot, there were not a large number of queues at the scene. When using the self-service ticket vending machine in the scenic spot, some people used cash to pay, and some people used UnionPay cards to buy tickets. 'Usually when I go out to travel, I don't carry a lot of cash. It is very convenient to buy tickets with a bank card at the self-service ticket vending machine, and sometimes there are too many people at the ticket window, and the self-service ticket vending machine can divert some tourists. 'Mr. Li, a tourist from a certain place, said while chatting with the author, and the author spent less than a minute before and after buying the ticket, which is very fast. It is understood that every holiday or weekend in the peak tourist season, the scenic spot will welcome a large number of tourists, and a large number of tourists will wait in long queues to purchase tickets, which wastes tourists' time and affects the pleasure of visiting. This time, the scenic spot has installed a self-service ticket vending machine, which reduces the pressure on the ticket window and shortens the queue time for tourists.
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