Optional restaurant quick settlement system, visual and settlement

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
'hello, please check. 'when you are in a restaurant or fast food restaurant meal, put the special dishes in intelligent vision settlement stage, as long as 2 seconds, you can easily complete the payment. This appears to be in the future will happen now in real life can also be achieved. Customize restaurant quick settlement system, visual and settlement, complete automatic settlement through a series of intelligent technology, can avoid the artificial tedious settlement process operation, apply to customize the dining room. Employees into the dishes ZiXuan District, choose after meal, put the products in the visual and settlement, settlement area automatic identification plates of food, and statistical quantity and the full amount, fully automated clearing, without human intervention. Introduce intelligent visual settlement platform advantages: 1. Rapid settlement; Tableware into visual settlement area, after two seconds a single settlement system, long queue gone forever. 2, non-contact measurement, greatly improve the food security; Tray to place identification area, food contact, contain only by restaurant quick settlement system, visual identity system for visual identification. 3, simple operation and easy to use, flexible, remote update software algorithm; The operation is simple and practical, full voice prompt. Shenzhen side of the electronics use industry companies, visual and settlement visual identification algorithm, the high accurate recognition rate of the food, the error rate is low, is successfully applied to some of the dining hall, obtain good effect. Optional restaurant quick settlement system, visual and settlement can not only used in parks, schools, enterprises and other scenarios, in some selling lunch, rice balls, the kanto cook, bread, fresh food cooked food stores and bakery can also be used.
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