Ordering a meal in a restaurant artifact - - Self-service order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Along with the development of the society, people life rhythm speeding up, the traditional catering trival order methods cannot meet the needs of consumers, the food industry will face reshuffle. Catering pages appear some new development trends. More and more restaurants started to try to use self-service order machine building innovative restaurants, and self service order machine be preferred in food industry of the order and has slowly become a cafe popular trend. order machine used in the restaurant have what advantage? order machine through intelligent ordering system, effective use of self-help order machine, snarling screen, self service take food such as hardware, dining-room front-end hardware and software, the kitchen a perfect fusion of online system and realize the fast order, payment, catering, room process, efficient and convenient way of ordering greatly reduce peak dining queue length, improve the efficiency of ordering a meal in a restaurant and management at the same time, improve the whole order customer experience with class restaurant. So how buffet restaurant order machine order? Here, the author in self-help order machine, for example, to teach you how to use the self-service order machine operation order: 1, in order to choose before is whether in restaurants or pack is out, some good menu at the same time, the system will automatically to add items to shopping cart, then get the order machine next to take food, take meal number input; 2, open the phone WeChat when order is confirmed or pay treasure payment code in the scan window with a brush, successful completion of the payment to pay; 3, after completing payment self-service order machine automatically print out receipts; 4, then consumers will take meal number write ramadhin table, waiting for the waiter on meals. Order and self-service machine can set advertising model when no one touch, brand publicity, promotional items, feature set, discount, etc. On the payment interface, can set membership payment functions, automatic focus on business when customers in the consumer WeChat public, merchants can carry out marketing activities; WeChat ID member center, can realize the member registration, top-up and integral; At the same time WeChat ID is also in the process of the order and delivery platform entrance.
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