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Parsing self-service terminals popular with users

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
As the global integration of strengthening and accelerating pace of informatization construction in our country, various industries to improve efficiency of production and service demand, self-service terminals started from the banking industry to other areas of rapid expansion, its application scope expansion to telecommunications, electric power, medical, aviation, retail and other industries and fields. To introduce self-service terminals, below the cause of the popular with users: self-service terminals is a 'self service 24 hours a day' as the design concept of intelligent device, the widely application of the self-service terminal relieves the problem of business hall, and other industries too much traffic, make up for the deficiency of the original industry operating time, avoid the customer in the business hall to deal with the trouble of related business. Self-service terminals brings customers a easy, convenient and considerate self-service. In the financial industry customers to use self-service terminals could account query, self-help transfer, print statements, repair, self-help report the loss of business is dealt with; In communication industry customer self-service through self-service terminal input telephone number, can deal with mobile phone stopped ( After) Machine, as bills query print, payment, invoice printing, caller id, GPRS and other basic business park is dealt with; Can also buy mobile phone card, password top-up slip. Self-service terminals have save personnel expenses, reduce the operating cost, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation advantages, and are popular with users.
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