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Power cinema theaters self-help to sell the tickets system building intelligent viewing environment

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, our country city cinema also got rapid development, the traditional manual mode shall be such was replaced by the automatic mode of efficient, convenient, fast. So cinema self-help to sell the tickets system is put into use, is popular with consumers. Cinema self-service sales is used to collect the tickets system ticket and collect the tickets, in theaters self-help can self collect the tickets on sale collect the tickets system, make it easy for your viewing more convenient. Cinema self-help to sell the tickets system function characteristics: ticket function: union pay, pay treasure, pay the ticket WeChat; Collect the tickets: can use qr code, verification code, phone number, the membership card to collect the tickets. Monitoring function: the background to monitor equipment usage, can automatically switch machine; Print function: can print theater tickets, trading certificate; Prepaid phone functions: cinema special prepaid phone card; Function: card reader to the unionpay card, IC card read; The safety of the video function: keep unionpay transaction; Double screen: the screen above the sustainable information such as video ads; Wireless trading functions: support wireless unionpay payment transaction; Online advertising function: headquarters unified management background; Power trading function: after backup support power, can be normal to sell the tickets operation; Sweep WeChat payment functions: qr code, the mobile phone verification code to confirm payment; Acoustic payment functions: pay treasure payment confirm payment transaction through voice read; Cinema self-help to sell the tickets system function coverage from the foreground to the background of each plate, the front desk sales integration at the box office, sell products, membership card, operation simple and quick. Fare system satisfy the need of theater event scheduling, but also for special events, special fare ticket class to set up temporary, binding of payment change, such as flexible. Background control including user authorization management, shift settlement, library, card coupons management, content management and multiple functions such as display. Cinema self-help to sell the tickets system function is rigorous, complete simple operation, let every cinema managers at ease. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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