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【 Recommend 】 What scenic spots have self-service ticketing system the advantage products are self-help to sell the tickets system has any meaning

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
The company is a professional to provide self-service from selling tickets, and other products and services of the company, what are you advantages of self-service ticketing system products understand? In this paper, the contents of this aspect to everybody to introduce specific. Let's take a look at the self-service ticketing system what are the attractions self service product advantage to sell the tickets system built about the meaning of '1, unattended, failure rate is extremely low, long life, can greatly save manpower cost. 2, support cash accept money change, accept money change speed, a high recognition rate. Credit card, WeChat, pay treasure to pay is very convenient, significantly increase the speed of the ticket, improve work efficiency and the tourist satisfaction. 3, with functions of the operation is simple, practical, beautiful appearance, voice, etc. 4, easy to support id, barcodes and collect the tickets, visitors online ticketing, collect the tickets at the scene. 5, the upper machine display support video playback, advertising propaganda and improve the corporate image. 6, can according to demand to add, change, delete ticket, ticket prices, convenient management. 7, increasing the safety of funds, put an end to counterfeit money amount and shortage of self-help, self-service ticketing system what product advantage counterfeit money to a compensate ten. More people will focus on: Experience 】 Attractions self service to sell the tickets system construction significance of self-help order cajas function: 1, put an end to human ticket according to the status quo, ticket link using artificial way, staff can easily into the familiar visitors enter directly, do not need to buy tickets. If, in accordance with the authority to predict 10% of the ticket rate calculation, each year about 50000 people train 50 yuan per ticket, ticket amount is 2. 5 million yuan, huge economic loss. 2, improve the level of management, computer network management, can quickly by the software of the automatic passenger traffic statistics day, month and year traffic and appropriate financial data, such as ticket sales can automatically generate and print various formats of financial statements, provide the basis for scientific management, it is artificial ticket can't do it. 3, improve the work efficiency, electronic ticketing and check-in, can greatly reduce labor system for scenic spots self-help to sell the tickets have he yiyi personnel's labor intensity, the computer automatically printed tickets, tickets for check-in on automatic equipment, improve the work efficiency. 4, improve the image of the scenic spot: artificial tickets for domestic and foreign electronic ticket management of tourist attractions is lagging behind. Using electronic ticket system, can improve the quality of employees, realize standardized management. To improve the image of scenic spot, improve the management level, promote the spiritual civilization construction has great significance. Outlined in the above content is about 'what scenic spots have self-service ticketing system product superiority has self collect the tickets system have he yiyi sale', we see our introduction, and the understanding of the content in this area is enough. In addition to this, we also in another article to introduce the self-help from selling tickets, shenzhen, guangdong | machine, manufacturers, suppliers, equipment, price, etc, please attention!
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