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Restaurant self-help order machine, 'dot' new experience for the customer

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Usually, we go to a restaurant, a seated there will be a waiter right against the face come over the menu to our hand, and for the customer order, and will recommend the speciality of the restaurant, after a point, just wait for the waiter or served food trays. Such a restaurant experience processes, in one thousand, to how the earth seems to have no change. However, with the continuous development of mobile technology and intelligent, changes have taken place in our life and experience. As the people's livelihood first meter food industry is no exception. According to a foreign market research agency on consumer survey (for new technology acceptance 链接) When, in fact, people in the restaurant to welcome the new technology, can help them in order to speed up the efficiency, in the process of dining at the same time, people like new technology bring fresh experience. Here, the author to introduce the customer whole order artifact - the efficiency of the restaurant - Self-service order machine. So the restaurant artifact specific have what function? In the store, the customer only in self-service order touch screen directly order on order, then order through self-service terminals, after the content of the order is sent via LAN to the kitchen printer, fast order, payment, catering, room process. This process without restaurant waiter order for the customer, the customer can be a waitress, efficiency of the portable order, improving customer ordering experience. And, in terms of payment, customers choose the right food, through the screen WeChat/alipay qr code to open the can pay phone scan, eliminating the customer to the checkout counter settlement, queuing, the change of the program, but also avoids the restaurant waiter ran, cashier wrong zhang, cashier task heavy problems. Above order is self-service machine on the artifact in the restaurant little helper, customer own order, the cashier, efficient and convenient ordering experience also bring fresh experience for the customer.
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