Scenic area self-service machines have what function, the role of it?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
With the rapid development of tourism industry, more and more applied to the scenic area scenic area self-service ticket machine. Scenic self-service ticket machine is a kind of unattended, simple operation and convenient query of human-computer interaction devices, touch self-help service for the scenic spot of tourists, for scenic tourist interactive self service operation, authenticated self service in exchange for votes, improve the efficiency of the scenic spot tickets, save operating costs, improve service quality. Scenic area of self-service ticket machine service integrity, visibility, systematization and maintainability, is an effective guarantee for scenic spot automated processing business. The scenic spot of the self-service ticket machine function: 1. Ticketing functions: unionpay to sell adult, the old man to identify to buy votes to pass the id; 2. Collect the tickets function: id, qr code, verification code, phone number, id card to collect the tickets. 3. Print function: print scenic spot tickets, printing trade certificate; 4. The issuance of the IC card card function: scenic spot, 5. The safety of the video function: keep unionpay transaction; 6. Prepaid phone functions: IC card prepaid phone; 7. Function: card reader to the unionpay card, IC card read; 8. Monitoring function: the background to monitor equipment usage, can automatically switch machine. 9. Online advertising function: headquarters unified management background; 10. Power trading function: backup support after power, can operate normally sold the tickets. 11. Sweep WeChat payment functions: qr code, the mobile phone verification code to confirm payment; 12. Wireless trading functions: support wireless unionpay pay deal. The role of the scenic spot self-service ticket machine: 1. To prevent fraud, although not a fake ticket reported, but other tourist attractions in the country a fake ticket, manual recount cannot distinguish; 2. Put an end to human ticket: according to the status quo, ticket link using artificial way, the staff can easily into the familiar visitors enter directly, do not need to buy tickets. 3. Improve the level of management, computer network management, can quickly by the software of automatic passenger traffic statistics day, month and year traffic and appropriate financial data, such as ticket sales can automatically generate and print various formats of financial statements, provide the basis for scientific management; This is the artificial ticket can't do it. 4. Improve the work efficiency, electronic ticketing and check-in, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, the computer automatically printed tickets, tickets for check-in on automatic equipment, improve the work efficiency; 5. Enhance the image of the scenic spot: artificial tickets for domestic and foreign electronic ticket management of tourist attractions is lagging behind. Using electronic ticket system, can improve the quality of employees, realize standardized management. To improve the image of scenic spot, improve the management level, promote the spiritual civilization construction has great significance. For scenic spot of the self-service ticket machine function and share for you here, today self-service ticket machine on the whole the plot improve enterprise operating efficiency; At the same time it compared to artificial ticketing, improve service quality and management level of the scenic area; Enhance visitors to sell the tickets link user experience, higher adhesiveness between the users and guests; Improve enterprise brand image, increase the profit of the enterprise; Faced with the challenge of the information age, the use of technology to improve enterprise management level, to provide technical support for the enterprise management decision. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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