Scenic area self-service ticket vending machines serve tourists for sightseeing

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
In order to attract tourists, some scenic spots have spent a lot of thought. For example, reducing ticket prices, increasing scenic spots supporting equipment, installing scenic spot ticket vending machines, etc., all provide tourists with a comfortable and happy mood. During the peak period of tourism, the number of tourists is greatly increased. If there is an error in the ticket sales link, it may affect the mood of the tourists and bring loss to the image of the scenic spot. Picture: Scenic self-service ticket vending machine Scenic self-service ticket vending machine provides convenient ticketing service for customers, and can take into account the dual functions of on-site ticket sales and online ticketing. When buying tickets on site, customers only need to use paper money or bank cards to pay, and the system will automatically complete the prompt, ticket issuance, change and other functions; after the online ticket booking, the ticket can be taken out by swiping the ID card or verification code. In addition, it also has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient and fast, and 24-hour work. It didn't take long for the research and development to be used by many scenic spots. At the same time, its large screen can also promote the scenic spots. The self-service ticket vending machine in the scenic spot manages the ticket selling process in a simple and orderly manner, and has not improved the image of the scenic spot.
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