Scenic spot self-service ticket sales and taking tourist say goodbye to the crowded

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
In recent years, people consumer consciousness enhancement, the travel industry. But in the face of such a large traffic, hard to avoid has a lot of service negligence and loopholes. For a lot of scenic spots to provide visitors with more close, convenient and efficient sales service, all use a scenic self-service sell the ticket machine to help. At present, the scenic spot self-help sell the ticket machine and artificial synchronization of the ticket window ticket, road trips, Tours of bank card is applicable to the individual, such as a union pay sign self-service ticketing, or enter a website for the order number, according to the operation interface prompts to complete the purchase, collect the tickets. Off-peak hours, through the scenic self-service ticket machine is just a few seconds, can be realized easily buy tickets. Since put into use, is popular among the masses of tourists especially young visitors. Scenic spot self-service ticket sales and taking scenic spot ticket query, introduction, buy services, for tourists in the shortest possible time to choose a suitable own ticket to provide convenient services. Visitors just inserted in the scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets station unionpay card after choose the type and quantity of tickets, and enter the password, after deductions successful scenic self-service sale machine automatic out tickets and receipts at the same time, also can in real time through customer service telephone consultation. Scenic self-service ticket sales and taking can also query online, tickets, pay, upgrade, after complete, tourists can through mobile phone voucher code or the second generation id card self collect the tickets at the scene of the play on the same day. 30 seconds to complete the entire online sales process, and the process of collect the tickets only 20 seconds, greatly improve the efficiency of the scenic spot and the user experience, the whole process of self-help effectively relieves the holiday resort of artificial congestion window. Visitors to buy a ticket now, as long as with brush unionpay card or phone qr code scanning, self-help to buy tickets for scenic area big, scene can be pay the ticket and cable car ropeway ticket and other services. Scenic spot to realize automatic window artificial ticketing, hall to sell the tickets and book tickets online through various channels, such as combination of ticketing mode, greatly shortens the masses of tourists waiting time artificial queue to buy tickets. Scenic area self-help to sell the ticket machine to make travel wisdom, realizes the scenic area intelligence service, management and marketing wisdom wisdom, strengthen the development and integration of tourism resources and products, thereby promoting informationization promoting process of scenic spot tourism to modern service industry. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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