Scenic spots add self-service ticketing machines for scenic spots to praise

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Some beautiful scenic spots are very popular with people. Because of this, buying tickets for scenic spots has become a headache for people. The use of self-service ticket vending machines in scenic spots can alleviate the problem of long queues for tickets. The equipment successfully manages the queue crowd and is praised by the visitors. Picture: Scenic area self-service ticket vending machine. Now the scenic area self-service ticket vending machine shares part of the flow of people buying tickets for the ticket sellers at the window, so that the staff can get a reasonable rest and no longer crowded in front of the window as before. Noisy voices and poor working environment reduce the efficiency of the staff. If you encounter a question raised by the ticket buyer and have no patience to answer, it will have a bad impact on both parties. In addition, some people may suggest that you increase the ticket window. To solve this problem, this proposal is not practical. First of all, not to mention the area occupied, and the lack of staff is still a problem. The existence of this equipment not only improves the working environment of workers but also the ticket purchase process of tourists, it can be described as a fast and civilized ticket sales channel. The self-service ticket vending machine in the scenic spot has solved the problem and made everything proceed in an orderly manner. I have to say that it contributes to the management of the scenic spot.
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