Self-help order equipment to alleviate the restaurant industry 'manpower shortage'

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Vacancy, used in recent years, become a 'bottleneck' a lot of food and beverage industry development one of the important factors. The author think of fresh graduates from two years ago 'since black jokes:' four thousand dollars you want to ask a waiter? Want to! Four thousand yuan can only ask a college graduates', now in many big cities into reality! Because the restaurant job difficult, a lot of catering enterprises through informatization, to attract a better, more excellent talents. Automated ordering system for reference and restaurant instead of artificial became the new way out of a lot of food and beverage industry. To ease the catering industry labor hard to this problem, on the one hand need catering enterprises to create space to grow up as more as possible, let employees feel job prospects, rise channel; On the other hand, there should be a layout, in a planned way replace artificial with new technology, such as food and beverage self-service order equipment replacement waiter, replace the cashier with mobile payment. Now a lot of restaurant, restaurant chains such as KFC, burger, joy fast Joe baker restaurants use self-service order equipment to replace the waiter. Through self-help order machine of the store, before ordering screens to enter the order page and pay, backstage receive orders directly for food. Customer order - buffet Pay 'reduces the dining link, the more to avoid the wrong food, food, such as cashier error error. Before the author read a news report, a shop owner since with the self-help order equipment, an employee of the month per capita output value 30000 yuan, an increase of 5000 - 6000 yuan, the growth of close to twenty percent. Intelligent catering system in the marketing, industrial chain, multiple dimensions such as technology, concept, change the previous traditional food. Self-help order system, as it were, let dining-room into 'evergreen tree, is the key of the restaurant power.
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