Self-help order machine into the expressway service area

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
And implement customer service in the restaurant buffet order mode, according to the relevant person in charge of the group of chongqing, the chongqing rong high-speed dragon service area around a restaurant has a buffet meal area 4 order platform, can meet the individual online order 4 at the same time, just click on the touch screen before ordering machine 'click screen starting point meal' area, choose according to remind 'in the restaurant to eat' or 'packaging', then through pictures and text messages to choose the corresponding food, determine if the order is properly, will enter the payment page. Under the prevalence of mobile payment today it has changed the traditional order of the attendant pressure big, low efficiency, etc. ; And traditional order mode, is not easy to restaurant operation data management, customer preferences and record is less than demand, and self service order machine will restaurant front-end hardware and software, after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, integrates the restaurant management of intelligence and self service order system can statistical food sales ranking, turnover, and order way, customer preferences, member statistics and analysis of data analysis, etc. Restaurant can be according to the data analysis, understanding of the real requirements of customers. To the restaurant, brand do corresponding adjustments. According to introducing, is located in chongqing rong high-speed wai dragon service area traffic is large, self service order to some extent, can also reduce crowding service area, brings to the citizens of other consumer experience. It is understood that in recent years, chongqing highway group continues to increase lift gear upgrades to the expressway service area, operation forms of service, for a major food structure, plane layout and rich, to better service for consumers.
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