Self-help order machine is compared with the traditional order advantage?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
On the market since the beginning of self-help order machine use, but it is a very mature products. But from self service order machine appear to now, everyone has never stopped self-help order machine and the comparison of the traditional order. order machine is compared with the traditional order advantage? The author believes that the problem is also a lot of people want to know. So today the author will give you something about the advantages of self-service order machine is in what place? The emergence of self-help order machine has always been focused on self-help order and checkout cashier function, so in a lot of chain restaurants on led application very much. Why is this? Traditional first order too much trouble, and not good service to every customer. To you order time is long, poor dining experience. And self-help order machine operation cost is low, not only and order can compare fast, at the same time also can finish the self-service checkout. For merchants, decorate self-help order machine is far less than the cost of the traditional order, but also more quickly. order machine besides the function of the ordering and billing, in the case of without the use of ads, has a drainage function of products. For merchants, self-help order machine does better than traditional order of choice. order machine compared to traditional order response speed, can serve more people under the same conditions, and lower cost, these are the advantages of self-service order machine. Merchants, the product use is definitely a tendency for self-help work order to replace order.
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